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What is Cupping Therapy?

In my Mill Valley clinic Cupping Therapy is one of the more popular request I get from my patients. Cupping treatment was popularized when American Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps used this therapeutic technique to speed up recovery time as well as injury repair.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. It is an essential tool in any treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, whether the condition is acute or chronic.

Cupping Therapy Treatment in Mill Valley

I want to make it crystal clear that cupping, when performed by a licensed and skilled acupuncturist is completely safe.

Although various materials can be used to perform Cupping Therapy, fire-cupping is the most traditional and preferred method used by most Chinese Medicine clinicians. The steps are as follows:

  1. A cotton ball is swabbed with alcohol and then placed in tweezers/scissors,
  2. the cotton ball is lit which creates a flammable substance, and set on fire,
  3. the flame is put inside the glass cup,
  4. as the fire goes out I put the cup upside down on your skin which creates suction.

Subsequently, the suction promotes stimulation and circulation of Chi and Blood to the local area, thereby providing pain relief as well as releasing muscular tension.

Clinically, I love using suction cupping ( Fire Cupping ) in conjunction with Acupuncture and Infra-red heat lamp because it always produces the best results for pain management. The heat sensation generated overall creates a therapeutic and relaxing environment for damaged tissues/muscles to heal.

Working together, while Acupuncture is effective in promoting relaxation of local muscle tissue; Cupping Therapy promotes stimulation which brings blood flow to the affected area in order to increase circulation. Additionally, infra-red heat helps to relieve muscle tension for pain reduction, improve flexibility, and increase range of motion. The synergistic effect of these therapies using in combination cannot be overstated. It is seldom that any single therapeutic technique is used individually in Chinese medicine.

Cupping Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Cupping used in conjunction with Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating pain management. While Acupuncture opens the energetic pathway through the meridians in order to remove chi and blood stasis, Cupping brings blood to the localized area to promote circulation. These two modalities, used together with infrared heat lamp, produces a sensation of warmth and relaxation which gives the patient tremendous pain relief.

Absolutely not. The marks are not permanent. Usually it take a few days for the marks to disappear. The marks is an indication that blood flow was brought into the local area which is exactly what you want as a patient. According to Chinese medicine view on how to provide pain relief, the promotion of chi and blood circulation is the function of Cupping therapy.

I prefer the old-school style of Fire-Cupping over the silicone cups and cupping with pump. Clinically, I’ve found Fire-Cupping to be most effective overall. I’m a big believer in bringing energy to any healing process. To me, there’s something magical about starting a flame and using the energy created by the fire to promote pain relief.

Why Choose Luminate Mill Valley?

My patients come to see me because IT WORKS!!! Anyone suffering from sciatica or low back pain knows he/she will feel better when leaving my office. The quality of my work is focused single-mindedly on producing the desired outcome, whether it is providing symptomatic pain relief or coming up with a treatment strategy to resolve a chronic problem. The trust and goodwill I have built with my patients over the years guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of care under my watch. My patients know what to expect when they come in and the overarching reason why they continue to return is because of the favorable results I produce.

Cupping Therapy Clients in Mill Valley

jonelle williams
jonelle williams
Oh my gosh, I was referred to Chris Veiga a few months ago and FINALLY had the chance to book a session with him last week. I was ABSOLUTELY blown away by my session, and I feel like I walked out of his office so much more informed about my body than went I had arrived. Not only was my acupuncture session handled very well, but Chris also did a wonderful job explaining to me about my body and selecting the appropriate herbs for me. He was also kind enough to translate the list of herbs that he had arranged for me into English so that I could be informed about what I was putting into my body, and he emailed me a very helpful dietary list for my body's constitution. What I also found really helpful was that he loaned me an herbal pot to prepare my herbs, thoroughly went over the directions on how to prepare them (it was all typed out & very easy to do), and even had a convenient way for me to return the pot once I was done using it. After one session, it is very clear to me that Chris knows his craft. And he is a real pleasure to talk to as well. My only wish is that I could pick his brain some more about acupuncture in general, as I love anything related to healing the body! Hands down, I recommend Chris Veiga for acupuncture & herbal services. I was really satisfied with my visit, and I certainly plan to return to him for my acupuncture & herbal needs.
Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan
I have been treating my mild to sever psoriasis on my hands since 2017. My dermatologist could offer steroid creams and shots (very expensive) but a friend who had great luck with Chinese medicine steered me in that direction. I have always believed in the mind/body connection that Chinese medicine embraces and embodies. I had had acupuncture and herbal remedies before but Chris was able to do them together which seemed more effective. Also, his needles and herbs much stronger than with other practitioners. He also was able to pick up on the emotional stress, asked questions and used his needles accordingly. Chinese herbs are intense and a commitment but have been so worth it for me. For novices, you cook them yourself (a good meditative practice)and the recipe gets adjusted as you go based on results. I also had to adjust my diet. Four weeks later my hands are obviously looking better but I am also feeling better than I have felt in at least a year. My "conditions" come from years and years of stress so won't clear up overnight, but I can feel the motion in that direction. Chris makes himself easily available through text and e-mail for questions and his office is lovely.
Sarah Brucks
Sarah Brucks
I decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment with Chris for some skin issues and I instantly liked Chris and his approach to mind, body, spirit. He takes a holistic approach and really digs deep to try to find the root cause to your issues. Chris has used acupuncture, cupping and herbs and I have to be honest the herbs are very bitter, but I feel like they are working! I've also been dealing with migraine headaches and Chris has been a miracle worker. I had a migraine on a Friday night before my birthday on Saturday. It was intense and I was naseaus and felt terrible and woke up Saturday (my birthday) with a lingering headache. I went on a hike but it hit me bad again around 2pm so I tried to sleep it off. I sent Chris a text at 5:30pm asking if there was anything he would suggest as I was going to have to cancel my birthday plans and he responded immediately and asked if I could come in for a session (on a Saturday evening!). I did and he made my migraine go away and I was able to still go out and celebrate my birthday. He really cares and I couldn't believe he was able to make my 24 hour migraine completely dissipate. I highly recommend Chris and I am so happy I found him.
L Arcy
L Arcy
Having a great experience with Chris. He’s very knowledgeable and a great support in helping me manage symptomatic relief for my sciatica & migraines. Highly recommend!
Nate Hooper
Nate Hooper
I came to Chris with a tweaked back and a whole lotta stress. Over the last few sessions, we've worked together to both fix the back issue but more importantly figure out and treat the imbalances that have led to me feeling so out of wack. He's used a combination of cupping and acupuncture, as well as medicinal herbs to get me back on the road to feeling whole and balanced again! Chris has a fun and laid back vibe and my visits to his studio have been something to look forward to! Highly recommend! :)
Andrea Stariha
Andrea Stariha
I highly recommend Chris Veiga at Luminate. As a family nurse practitioner I often recommend acupuncture as an alternative or complement to Western medicine. While I rely on a wide spectrum of good habits and practices to keep me healthy, occasionally I need to lean on Western treatments/medication as well as incorporating acupuncture, cupping and TCM from knowledgeable and kind practitioners. Chris is that guy. He has a very gentle and intuitive approach and has helped me significantly with my migraines when Western medicine proved to be wrought with undesirable side effects and too many insurance hoops to jump through. Granted the herbal concoctions are challenging to the palate, but worth it! If you’re on the fence at all, give it a go.
Victoria Nagel Hauzy
Victoria Nagel Hauzy
I went to see Chris about three weeks ago hoping to alleviate my chronic lower back pain. I’ve tried many things to “manage” this pain, which at times has been completely debilitating. None of my trials have really worked or lasted. Before Chris did anything, he talked with me about his work and commitment to a traditional Chinese medicine approach to healing both inner and outer pain. He also invited me to talk with him about the kinds of physical and emotional traumas I have been carrying. His capacity to hold and understand, and his insights into some of the deeper issues I have been dealing with not only made me feel safe and heard, but they also gave me hope about what might be in store for me while working with him. We agreed to embark on a three-month healing journey, one which combines acupuncture, cupping and a daily dose of Chinese herbs, which require being “cooked” and do not taste very good. No matter! With nearly a month of treatment, I can speak to the positive effects and impacts of all three. The acupuncture, combined with the cupping, has helped immeasurably with my lower back pain, and I have literally felt blockages inside me, from my lower back, where the pain concentrates, all the way down through the sciatica into my calf, begin to release and dissolve. This has brought me more movement and greater ease because there is much less pain. Sometimes I can go a full 4 or 5 days now without being preoccupied about my back and obsessing about whether it’s going to seize up on me. I cannot express the depth of the physical and emotional relief of this treatment. As for the daily herbs, (I love the ritual of cooking them!) I can say that my sleep has greatly improved, and I feel more settled, more grounded. People say I look more rested. I think that comes from the fact that the herbs are literally helping me sleep better, but also because my body is more relaxed because I have less pain, and when we’re more relaxed, we look more rested, open and peaceful. I would recommend Chris wholeheartedly and without hesitation – whether you want to explore just the acupuncture, or the acupuncture, cupping and herbs combined. He is wholistic – kind, compassionate, so knowledgeable and skillful, a true healer.
Merri McCann
Merri McCann
I came to Chris for stress, anxiety and immune support, and ever since I've been working with him I feel less anxious, more grounded, and more resilient and resourced in my body. I've also learned so much how the different systems in my body function holistically and what food to eat (Chris provided a very thorough outline of recommendations for nutrition). I can tell that Chris takes the approach of treating the whole person because he always takes take time at the beginning of our sessions to ask questions and get the full picture of my health situation. Chris quickly picks up on minor shifts in my energy levels and vitality, and in addition to helping me relieve immediate symptoms, we get down to the root cause and he provides me with a holistic treatment plan (both in session and with certain herbs and recommended foods) individualized to my unique makeup. Chris has been so helpful in my well being and I look forward to continue working with him!
Grisell Martinez
Grisell Martinez
I had been experiencing terrible eczema all over my body, I'd tried everything and nothing was working. Chris has helped my body restore it's balance and clear my skin. I'm so happy and thankful, I would 100% recommend.
Christina Bolotova
Christina Bolotova
I've been seeing Chris for over a decade. He is a true healer- kind, caring, knowledgeable, and understanding. He is the absolute best! He has gotten my eczema, my migraines, my gut issues, my sleep issues, etc. under control. I am forever grateful!

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