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The People Have Spoken


The People Have Spoken

Happy 2018 to everyone!

As the new year gets underway, I feel blessed and grateful to serve my local community as a natural health practitioner. I am proud of my achievements and am committed to be your advocate for wellness. In the last two weeks, I’ve received a rash of stellar reviews on YELP for HBP (high blood pressure), MIGRAINE HEADACHE, and ADRENAL FATIGUE treatment:

“I went to Chris to get help with my hypertension. I had been diagnosed and had been on medication for about 10 years. Despite being very particular about eating healthy, getting consistent exercise, improving my sleep, meditating, etc…I continued to find that my blood pressure was increasing and so was my medicine ( My medication had been doubled on 3 different occasions going from 10 mg to 80 mg ). Chris put together a plan that would lead to lowering my hypertension and medication. At the beginning of each treatment visit, he would spend time discussing how I was feeling, results from tracking of my blood pressure, and giving me insight into how my treatments were helping me. Since working with him, I’ve been able to discontinue my medication and maintain a healthy blood pressure. I feel great and I now have a host of new tools to help me maintain my health.” –Sylvia D.




“After 5 years of adrenal fatigue, constant low energy, and gut/food sensitivities ~ I researched my way to Chris Veiga. Feeling like I’d tried pretty much everything to get my life, my business and my energy moving again, I was out of ideas and feeling hopeless. Three months of acupuncture and a mix of Chinese herbal remedies later I could feel my life force returning, the engine of my body starting to buzz again. My life began to open up as I felt better, stronger. I’m way beyond grateful for Chris. He’s not only gifted in his work, he pays attention and deeply understands the body, mind, spirit connection when working with clients. He’s kind, he’s generous, and he’s completely committed to me being well. Chris is the real deal. My entire life is different because of spending time with this man, and this is no exaggeration. Five years was a long time for someone like me who loves to travel, explore and make a difference with my work. Now I can get back to living my full life.” –Clara C.



“I originally went to Chris when I was having really bad headaches/ocular migraines and couldn’t really work. I had been to numerous doctors–and no relief. So, I reached out for an alternative possibility. During my first meeting with Chris, he fully explained the acupuncture process to me and answered all my questions. Then, I received my first treatment. It took about 20 mins, but when the treatment was over, the headache and associated dizziness was 98% gone! It was amazing! I could actually open my eyes fully without any pain from the light, and I was feeling so good, I was able to go out and run errands. Sounds like no big deal, but for me it was something that had previously been too painful to do. I can’t recommend Chris enough.” –Angela G.



“Chris treated me for chronic headaches which I’ve had off and on for years. As a physician I know the benefits and limitations of medications for chronic headaches. I’ve used traditional Chinese medicine for my chronic headaches for years and Chris did an outstanding job. He was knowledgeable, thorough in his approach, and offered a flexible schedule.” –Shawn H.


If you know someone who has a similar condition and is seeking a natural health solution, please spread the good news. I look forward to serving them.

Light & Love,
Chris Veiga, L.Ac

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