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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone! As we enter the holiday season, here are some things to bring your awareness to in order to find balance in a time of excess.

1. Pay attention to your mind:
Is it focused on receiving or giving? Another way to phrase this is whether the focus is on me me me or we we we. Real transformation happens when we are able to go beyond the narrow confines of the small egoic self and tap into something bigger that includes everyone and everything. Naturally, as with all extremes, over-giving can cause energetic imbalance as well. Ideally, a proper amount of inflow and outflow creates the best outcome.

2. Pay attention to what you consume:
Alcohol always enter the mix during times of celebration. Alcohol is okay in moderation. But bring your awareness to the greed factor: how much is enough? In my experience, more usually means a bigger hangover. Alcohol disrupts sleep and depletes the immune system. In Chinese medicine, alcohol compromises the Protective Chi making you more susceptible to colds and flus. In addition to watching what you consume, pay attention to when you do it. Avoiding late night meals lightens the load on your digestive system, which translates into better sleep and absorption of food nutrients.

3. Pay attention to the words you utter:
This is especially true with family members whom you may have a difficult relationship. In the Buddhist tradition, Right Speech is one of the Dharma practice in the Eight Fold Path. The teaching tells us not to malign and injure others with negative speech and thoughts. Words have an energetic charge, they can harm or garner love. To break the chain of reaction, the first step is to pause and ask: ” Am I calming the situation or inflaming it? ” With great compassion and without judging ourselves, we step out of our story to observe our anger, fear, or other strong negative emotions, and to feel our physical sensations. As practitioners of the Buddhist path, we vow to express ourselves without creating more suffering. Remember, words are invocations, words have weight.

4. Pay attention to the symbolism of Christmas and New Year:
Above all else, the birth of Christ represents unconditional love and hope. This is a great time to plant the seeds of goodness moving into the new year. What attributes do you want to birth and manifest in your life? Perhaps it’s setting the intention to forge a stronger bond in your marriage/relationship, perhaps it’s making a deeper commitment to personal growth and self-discovery, perhaps it’s relinquishing control and surrendering to spirituality where you step beyond the routine way of viewing the world, perhaps it’s redefining what it means to be successful; finding a balance between material worth and fulfillment harnessed from your work. Whatever it is, start leaning in.

And perhaps most importantly, pay attention to your breathYour chi signifies that you are alive. May your spirit of aliveness and love fill up your loved ones and suffuse the world in this magical time!

Love & Light,
Chris Veiga

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