Luminate Mill Valley | A Word About Luminate
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A Word About Luminate


LUMINATE represents my personal commitment to bring light into my work. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, this translates to my role as a guidepost to help my patient find his Center. Essentially, we are talking about achieving Balance, finding equilibrium in one’s life.


Life is in a constant state of flux. Change is inevitable. Often, we get caught in the polar extremes resulting in fragmented state of self. Symptomatically, this internal strife takes on myriad physical manifestations including anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraine, respiratory problems, addiction and many many more. Before we know it, we get completely swept up in this state of dis-equilibrium. We get stuck and cannot find a way out.


One of the basic tenets of Eastern mysticism is the notion of cultivating the Tao. The Tao is being in the state of One, reconciliation with everything and everyone, including ourselves. Understanding the Tao helps us to go beyond the limitations of dualistic thinking ( hope and despair, good and bad, elation and depression, genius and crazy, and etc. ), thereby providing a glimmer of hope for self-contentment and self-acceptance.


The Tao states that each person is a microcosm of the cosmos. We consist of everything the world consists of. Because Chinese medicine recognizes that humans are governed by the same natural laws as nature, it acts as a bridge between human divinity and creation of Nature. Understanding how a tree cycles through seasonal changes enhances the ability of the individual to frame his reality in a broader context, hence, allowing room for personal growth in the midst of physical ailments and chaos. In short, it helps to dissolve the boundaries between us and nature, thereby mending the discord artificially created within our selves which is called Disease in Western medicine lexicon.


LUMINATE is a labor of faith, commitment, and an act of will. I am honored to bring my work to you.