Luminate Mill Valley | Giving the gift of LIGHT
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Giving the gift of LIGHT

Holiday greetings to everyone!

As we approach the winter solstice and the beginning of a new year, there is a sense of uncertainty hanging in the air. Not knowing what will unfold can be a great source of angst. But I believe the key to optimal health is positive emotions and a bright outlook on the future. NOW is the time to align ourselves with healing energy to light up the world.

As an energetic healer, I believe that the universe contains both the dark force (yin energy) as well as the light force (yang energy). In fact, it is the co-mingling of these opposing forces which makes life possible. In Greek mythology, each individual is said to be a microcosm of the cosmos. The task falls upon each individual to move closer to the light force in order to illuminate the world. By cultivating goodness and blessings in our personal lives, we have the capacity to positively reinforce the collective good of humankind.

Utilize this holiday season to put yourself and others on the track of lightness. To jumpstart this process, take advantage of my holiday special which entitles you and your loved ones (gift certificate included) to:

2 acupuncture sessions &
2 massage sessions (50 minute massage).
The cost is $350.

Offer expires 12/31/16.

To show my commitment to service our local community, for each holiday special package purchased, I will donate 2 hours working at St. Vincent de Paul Society in San Rafael.

Come light up yourself to help light up the world!!

Blessings to you & your family,

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