Luminate Mill Valley | About Chris
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About Chris


Chris Veiga, L.Ac

(415) 383-9900

I am Eurasian, bi-racial, bi-cultural, and bi-lingual. I am an aficionado for things that are Chinese; a Sinophile, if you will. My life is a wonderful mosaic of twists and turns. As an acupuncturist, I have spent the last fifteen years serving my local community. I bring vigor to my life, whether it is work or play. More than anything else, I am true to my destiny, faithfully following the signposts without questioning the ultimate destination.


To summarize my paradoxical nature, I quote Thomas Merton:

“The way of contemplation is not even a way, for if one follows the path, what he finds is nothing.”


My success rests entirely on the fact that I have chosen a genuine vocation which fits perfectly with my temperament. Through this, I have found the way to myself. The kind of medicine I practice matches seamlessly with my energetic nature. I bring tenacity to my work in a spirited and committed way. I am intense yet kind, firm but gentle, self-confident and unafraid. I am a good listener, full of trust and understanding.


Perhaps most importantly, as a successful clinician, is the uncanny ability to ascertain the depth of illness and subsequently recommend the most pragmatic course of treatment necessary for each individual patient. I give my recommendation unabashedly, in a forthright manner. I do this because I know the steps required to get to the finish line. There is no magic bullet, everything in Chinese medicine is step by step.


It’s important to reach your goal without losing sight of your process. As a good guide, I will make sure you reach your destination without overlooking the adventures of the journey.