I Am Your Advocate of Wellness & Optimal Health


My Chinese medicine practice is a delivery system for practicing Love and Wisdom. The path to my practice does not follow a straight line. But then, nothing in life ever is. Chinese medicine is a mixture of healing art and medical science. It is circular, not linear, and it is emblematic of my life. My family is from Hong Kong. Being bi-racial, bi-cultural, and bi-lingual, I have always been fascinated by things that are Chinese. Arriving in this country as a transplant, at the age of eleven, I became immersed with Americana. In the process, I lost my Chinese identity. As life would have it, I came full circle and re-attached to my roots when I decided to pursue Chinese medicine as a second career. The seed had been sown but it took time to be borne out. In finding my vocation, I was given a new chance to become who I am. I was gifted Chinese medicine as it helped me find my way home. As a continuation of that thread, I have been serving the local community for fifteen years as a Chinese doctor, in hope that my gift may do the same for you.


The lotus symbol encapsulates the potential of human consciousness and self-integration. Its roots are in muddy water, but the lotus flower rises above the mud to bloom, clean and fragrant. Integration is central to personal wellness and optimal health. The totality of the individual is comprised of conflicting aspects of the self. When these varying parts cause disharmony, the result is dis-ease. On the contrary, when these varying parts are not conflicted, the result is well-ness. William James said: As the struggle is abandoned, it is won. Metaphysically speaking, Light and Dark exist on polar opposites of the spectrum. As humans, we love the Light because this represents things which are good; life, hope, and happiness. Conversely, we push away the Dark because this represents things which are bad; death, despair, and hardship. However, based on the observance of nature ( think of the sun and rain ), we know that Light and Dark are both essential conditions of life. Not only are they not oppositional, in fact, they are complimentary. Without either, life would not be sustainable. Inherent in each person, lies the Shadow side lurking in the Dark. The Shadow includes negative emotions, addiction, violence, self-destructive behavior, and a general sense of an unfulfilled life. Wherever we go, there it is, like an unwanted guest who has over-stayed his welcome. The harder we try to escape or obliterate it, the more entrenched it becomes. Try using a different tactic. Rather than clobbering it, we approach it in a friendly way; with acceptance, love, and compassion. Slowly, the Light begins to infiltrate the Shadow. Like a good gardener, with the seed sown, each day our lives is an opportunity to replenish and nurture the goodness of the heart. It is like kindling a fire: Start from a small spark, then it becomes bigger and bigger, bringing more light incrementally, until the whole being and universe is filled with radiance. Don’t despair! Remember that it is always darkest before the break of dawn.