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My passion for Chinese medicine is only surpassed by my zest for life itself. My path to my Practice does not follow a straight line. But then, nothing in life is ever linear. Chinese medicine is a mixture of healing art and medical science. The beauty of the medicine is its ability to create a container for many different things. This works well for human beings because as individuals, we are the sum of our disparate parts. For 15 years, I have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbology, serving the local community in Mill Valley.

My family is from Hong Kong. Being bi-racial, bi-cultural, and bi-lingual, I have always been fascinated by things that are Chinese. Having been transplanted into Americana at the age of eleven, I have no problem with baseball, hot dog, apple pie, and Chevrolet. But it wasn’t until later on in my adult life where I became reacquainted with my roots of origin. Life happens in cyclical fashion. Even as my heritage laid dormant for many years, the seed had been sown for its reemergence. The pivotal moment was when I began to pursue Chinese medicine while in my thirties. In one fell swoop, all the incongruent parts of my life came together holistically. The void which I had felt but was unable to name disappeared and my cup was full once again. I was gifted Chinese medicine as it helped me find my way home. As a Chinese doctor, I offer you my gift in hope that you may do the same.



Here’s a dogma about pain. If you deal with it, you can be rid of it. If you numb it out, you are guaranteed more pain.

Pain is a physical manifestation of an internal imbalance taking place. Contrary to what modern medicine tells us, pain cannot be killed. It can be masked and avoided temporarily but cannot be removed. Vicodin, an opioid and a narcotic, is a prime example of an agent which perpetuates pain.

Pain is a symptom, not a condition of illness. It tells us that something is wrong. Until you identify what is wrong, pain is here to stay. Once you identify the cause of the pain, then you can begin to uproot it. Uprooting requires hard work. Like weeds growing in the garden, it’s much easier to just pluck out the new shoots rather than getting to the heart of the problem by digging out the roots.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is built around the principle of tracing all symptoms back to the root of the problem. It provides a framework for understanding illness through the lens of viewing the body, mind, and spirit wholistically. Whether the pain is physical, emotional, or psycho-spiritual, there is one common thread running through it; the individual is out of balance. Chinese medicine, through the usage of acupuncture, herbs, and medical chi gong; can help to re-balance and re-center.


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